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In the Red Sea.

Richard has been diving since the beginning of 1980. Back then diving suits were DIY affairs cut out and glued up on the kitchen floor.

He took up underwater photography just shortly afterwards using an old Anfibian Brev Gagy 35mm camera, but soon gave it up as a bad job. A few years later he took it up again, this time using a Calypso (the forerunner to his Nik II). After some time and a lot of perseverance via a Nik III, IV and V with all the accompanying lenses, things clicked, and Richard began to be pleased with his results.

Richard has had several photos and diving articles published. He was also the cameraman on several underwater videos - Dive Scapa Flow, Truck 1/2, Key Largo, West Palm Beach, Dive Palau and Scotland's Wrecks. He also contributed to Rod MacDonald's first book, Dive Scapa Flow. He has worked for Divex - a commercial manufacturing diving company - photographing the Stealth Rebreather. During his employment in the commercial diving industry he has also worked on the development of a rebreather set for the oil industry and commercial diving.

Apart from the cameras already mentioned, Richard also used an F90X and a Sea & Sea NX90Z housing, flat and dome port, YS120 flash units, 20mm & 60mm lens AF. Now retired, Richard has moved on to wildlife and nature photography, using mostly Nikon digital cameras. D70s, D300 and D2X and a variety of standard and telephoto lenses.

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